Book Recommendations

Dear Reader,

The best place to learn Reformed Theology is, of course, reading the Bible itself!  There is no substitute for reading through your Bible to begin seeing God’s wonderful words and deeds throughout history.  This is why we strongly advocate a read the Bible through in a year program.  There are many of these programs available on the internet, and surely one to suit your schedule. 

There are also dozens – indeed hundreds – of great works which can help you understand the Bible, its doctrines, and many other important subjects.  Below is a representative sample of some of the books we would recommend in a few subject areas.  Usually we’ve listed below the more introductory work first, followed by a book that would provide greater depth.  But this is just a beginning.  There are many more works of varying reading levels!  Please feel free to call the church and speak to the pastor who would be happy to talk with you about these and other helpful books.

About the Gift of Salvation:

Ultimate Questions – by John Blanchard (WTS Bookstore)
The Christian Life – by Sinclair Ferguson (WTS Bookstore)

About Reformed Theology

What Is the Reformed Faith? – by John R. de Witt (WTS Bookstore)
The Westminster Confession of Faith – A Studyguide – by G.I. Williamson (WTS Bookstore)

About the Five Points of Calvin

The Five Points of Calvinism:  Defined, Defended, Documented – By David Steel and Curtis Thomas (WTS Bookstore)
The Five Points of Calvinism:  A Study Guide – By Edwin Palmer (WTS Bookstore)

About the Pattern of Doctrine in Scripture

God, Heaven, and Har Magedon – by Meredith Kline (WTS Bookstore)
Biblical Theology – Geerhardus Vos (WTS Bookstore)

About Covenant Theology

God of Promise – by Michael Horton (WTS Bookstore)
The Christ of the Covenants – by O. Palmer Robertson (WTS Bookstore)

About Defending the Faith

Apologetics to the Glory of God – by John Frame (WTS Bookstore)
Reasons for Faith – by K. Scott Oliphint (WTS Bookstore)

About Infant Baptism

What Christian Parents Should Know About Infant Baptism – by John P. Sartelle (WTS Bookstore)
The Biblical Doctrine of Infant Baptism – by Pierre Ch. Marcel (WTS Bookstore)

About the Christian Church

What is a Reformed Church – by Stephen Smallman (WTS Bookstore)
The Glorious Body of Christ  - by R.B. Kuiper (WTS Bookstore)

About Church History

Chronological and Background Charts of Church History – by Robert Walton (WTS Bookstore)
The Church in History – by B.K. Kuiper (WTS Bookstore)

About the History of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

History for a Pilgrim People – Charles Dennison (WTS Bookstore)
The Presbyterian Conflict – Edwin Rian (WTS Bookstore)