Church Life

It is important for the body of Christ to join together in worship, service, and fellowship.  We seek to accomplish this in several ways.

Weekly Prayer Meeting

Each week we meet for a time of prayer during the week.  Although a short devotional is usually shared, the time is set aside especially for prayer.

Fellowship Dinners

On the first Sunday of each month (and every Sunday during our "summer schedule") we join together for a fellowship meal following the morning service. This provides a good time of fellowship, a chance to meet visitors and talk while enjoying excellent food.

Psalm Singing

On the few Sunday evenings that we don't meet for a time of corporate worship, we will often join together in someone's home for Psalm singing.  Here we are trying to learn and love God's word by singing Psalms together.  Typically we also enjoy good food prepared by many of the families that attend.


For more information see our missions page.

Fun and Fellowship

Often we will get together as individual families or as a church to enjoy times of fun, recreation, and fellowship.  These times may include meals or picnics at members homes, local sporting events, or a canoe trip.